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外文标题:Violence against women affecting India’s image, tourism report says


NEW DELHI: An independent travel report has said recent cases of violence against women have tarnished the country's image and recommended strong steps to tackle the problem. The World Travel and Tourism Council India Initiative comes even as the country is agog with the gruesome gang rape and murder of two cousins in Badaun, Uttar Pradesh.

The WTTCII report — that was submitted to the tourism ministry on Tuesday — said, "India tourism is facing immense negative publicity from the international media on reoccurring incidents of incidents of rape/molestation cases against women foreign tourists."



The report has suggested a two pronged strategy to counter safety and security threats and negative publicity to be implemented by both government of India and by tourism ministry. "The strategy should be developed by the tourism ministry in conjunction with the ministries of home affairs, external affairs and I&B. This includes ensuring speedy trials, sensitization of stakeholders especially state government and law and order apparatus and evolving a strategy to tackle the negative publicity," it said.


According to UNWTO, India ranks 41st in international tourist arrivals, 16th in world tourism receipts and seventh in Asia Pacific region for tourism receipts during 2012. India is ranked 65th out of 144 countries in the World Economic Forum Travel and tourism competiveness report 2013.



Appa (coimbatore)
Even domestic tourists are worried these days


Outsider (Outside)
Enjoy it!!! That is part of 'Incredible India'.
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Indian (India)
The numbers speak for themselves and There is nothing to worry about. Those crimes won't affect India’s image because they are already part of India’s image. It won't get worse any further.


Vijay Bali (INDIA)、


Jagdesh (India)
Everyone will fall in line gradually. This is modi era, you can like him or hate him but you just cant ignore him.
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Lawrence D Mello (Australia)
local women in India are denied of rights. a girl was raped and made to drink acid. more that 48 hrs and nothing has been done. just to make it clear, India has not Image when it comes to respect to women. Sorry but that's a fact
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ELizabeth ()
I would like to visit India but I sm not certain it is safe for a single female traveler. I visited Thailand for a conference ten years ago and had no problems. I rode the bus and train by myself. Sorry to say, I am not so sure about my safety in India.
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ryan43211 (london)
All my female friends and work colleagues, express their hesitancy when it comes to travelling to India. They would like to visit India, but news stories such as the ones in the article above, make them feel less safe about travelling to the country. When news like this comes to the attention of western media, it makes you feel ashamed of what is going on in India....
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Siddhant Virani ()
I am studying in Germany. And many German girls ask s me whether it is safe for us to travell India alone or they should be accompanied by male? Also in railway stations, indian news of rape cases are displayed in big screens. It feels so embarassing for Indians to watch such news. Unless and until we the people do not wake up, this wont stop.
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Mar Thoma (Location) replies to Siddhant Virani
First make Hindus feel safe in Hindu land from evil Hindus who rape them, then talk of german girls


Morgan (Australia)
They really didn't need a report to tell them this, just read the news.
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John Dawson (Gotham City, NY)
Fellas, as an Indophile, I request y'all Indians to treat women with respect all the time. Speaking from a personal experience, I was on board a flight from NYC to London, and I heard commotion from behind after boarding the flight. Long story short, a British couple refused to sit next to an Indian man. I asked them the reason behind the same, and the British lady told me the Indian man kept staring at her "you know what" again and again. This made her very uncomfortable. The Indian man was shifted next to the lavatory and made to sit alone. Image matters. Be respect to women, be it Indian or foreign. Else, risk losing millions, if not billions, of dollars of tourism revenue.
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amar nath (meerut UP India)
special force be created for all the important tourist destination along with developing them


citibankhsbc (Pune) replies to amar nath
Then the police will r@pe them


Lilly (Unknown)
There are many beautiful places on earth to vacation and until Indian men clean up their act and the government takes affirmative action.... a woman would be foolish to vacation in a country that doesn't protect or see woman as equal to man!
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BM (Australia) replies to Lilly
Very many foreign women have been r*ped in India and word of mouth is far more strong that a million ads.


Black (Location)
When these black Indians see these white skin western women how can they stay away from not r@ping them. Indians never see a white skin person in entire India apart from tourists hahaha
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