澳大利亚探险家桑德拉·罗伯森乘坐独木舟沿着印度海岸航行时,在东高达瓦利区靠近瓦达帕勒姆的安德拉邦沿海遭到印度漁民袭击。这位46岁,正从德国乘独木舟航行去澳大利亚的人指称, 星期一,那些渔民将她屈困在一条船上,並开始拆卸她独木舟甲板上的设备。通常,这只独木舟整个白天沿海岸划行,晚上在一村镇或海滩休息。

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Australian explorer attacked by Indian fishermen


CHENNAI: Australian explorer Sandra Robson, who is sailing along the Indian coast in a kayak , was attacked by Indian fishermen off the Andhra Pradesh coast near Vadapalem in East Godavari district.


The 46-year-old, who has been kayaking from Germany to Australia, alleges that the fishermen restrained her to a boat and started ripping equipment from the deck of her kayak on Monday.

这位46岁,正从德国乘独木舟航行去澳大利亚的人指称, 星期一,那些渔民将她屈困在一条船上,並开始拆卸她独木舟甲板上的设备。

The kayaker usually paddles throughout the day near the coast and rests in a town or on a beach during the night. "The fishermen were suspicious of my purpose at sea. When I landed at the beach, they ran over my kayak and damaged it permanently. After that, I could not continue and had to return to Chennai to get my kayak replaced," Sandra told TOI on Friday.

通常,这只独木舟整个白天沿海岸划行,晚上在一村镇或海滩休息。“ 这些渔民对我在海上的目的起了疑心。当我靠上海滩时,他们冲上了我的独木舟,把它彻底毀了。从那以后, 我没法继续, 不得不回到金奈找一只替代独木舟,” 桑德拉在周五对印度时报说。

Sandra, who left Chennai on May 17, was heading towards the Sunderbans and planned on going to Bangladesh and Myanmar after that. From there, she was to paddle along Malaysia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea before reaching Australia.


The explorer left from Ulm (Germany) in May 2011 and reached the Indian coast off Gujarat in late 2012. She is trying to take the same route as German explorer Oskar Speck in 1935, and is planning to reach Australia by September 2016.

这位探险家在2011年5月离开乌尔默(Ulm)(德国),2012年底到达印度古贾拉特沿海。她试图采用德国探险家奥斯卡.斯贝克(Oskar Speck)1935年走过的同一路线,並计划在2016年9月到达澳大利亚。

After the attack, she alerted the coast guard and local police. This incident, she says, is the first of its kind she has faced in India. "My kayak can be repaired, but my courage has been dented. Local fishermen are usually welcoming, but now I have to be more careful," she said.

这次袭击以后,她向海岸警卫和当地警方报了警。这次事故,她说,是她在印度面对的第一次类似亊件。“ 我的独木舟可以修复, 但我的勇气遭到挫伤,通常地方上的渔民是友好的,但现在我得小心了,” 她说。

The coast guard have now taken steps to ensure the explorer has a safe journey. They have alerted villages along the Andhra Pradesh coast and told them that a kayaker will be paddling through.

海岸警卫已采取措施确保这位探险者的旅程安全。他们已提醒安德拉邦沿海村庄, 有只独木舟将划过该区。

"The misunderstanding was sorted out and apologies were made, but I had to return to Chennai and start repairs. My local sponsor Nanda Kumar is helping me," she said.

“ 误解与解决, 也做了道歉, 但我必须回金奈开始修理。我当地的资助人南达.库马在帮我,” 她说。

The Australian, however, says that she understands. "I don't think people realise what a kayak can do. In India, it is quite unusual for a woman to be on the sea and I have often been surrounded by crowds of people on the shores. Initially, I found it terrifying, but I've gotten used to it," she said.

然而这位澳洲人说她能理解。“ 我认为人们並不了解一只独木舟能干什么。在印度,一个女人漂在海上是很少见的, 我也常常在岸边被人团团围住。一开始我有些害怕, 后来习惯了,” 她说道。

She was also questioned by the police on May 19 when she entered the AP coast near Pulicat lake.

5月19日当她进入安德拉邦沿海,靠近普利卡特湖(Pulicat)时, 还遭到了警方的盘问。

Sandra will now restart her journey from Chennai on May 26 and will continue paddling through Odisha and West Bengal. She expects to reach Sunderbans by early July.



Abhishek Oza (Mumbai)
Had there been a real terrorist, these fishermen would not have dared to touch him/her. Attacking the weak is the characteristics of us Indians, the eternal cowards.

要是个真的恐怖分子, 这些渔民碰都不敢碰他/她了。围攻弱者是我们印度人的本性, 永远都是胆小鬼。

Kallol (Location)
Its really unfortunate. This can happen anywhere in the world especially where people are lacking awareness. It seems to be a case of theft and attempted molestation. Wonder what would have happened if an Indian ventured to Australian coast.

真的很不幸。这在世界上任何地方都会发生, 特别在人们没有觉悟的地方。看来象偷盗和未遂性骚扰。不知道如果一个印度人在澳洲海岸冒险会发生什么。

Evans Chris Sumitra (New York, USA.)

Sandra Robson, you should thank God that you were not raped or killed as this country has become a rapist for lust and killers for money. God has been on your side as so far during this long years of travel for adventure he has kept you alive even though you were on a Kayak. We all wish you in your further journey and may it will be a safe and successful one. When I visited Austria, I did a lot of kayaking with my Austrian friend. It was an adventure for me. God bless you.

桑德拉.罗伯森,你该感谢上帝,为你没被强奸或杀害,这个国家因为性欲而变成了强奸犯,因为钱财而变成了杀人犯。上帝一直都在支持你, 因为直到如今, 在这多年的旅行冒险中他让你活下来,即使你是在一只独木舟上。我们都愿你在今后的旅途中安全成功。上帝保佑你。我在澳洲时,与朋友一块多次划过独木舟。对我来说是个冒险。上帝保佑。

Malaikallan viveknanoo (Malappuram) replies to Evans Chris Sumitra
Our apologies to her. We do have the odd barbarian as below who need to release his uncouth behavior as a result of acute servility . She should be armed and kept in touch with the maritime authority .

我们向她道歉。我们确实有象楼下那样的异类野蛮人, 他们要发泄因极度奴性引起的粗野行为。她应带上武器並与海洋当局保持联系。


Looking at a white face, these fishermen must have flocked around her to beg money. After confirming that she is alone, they'd have mustered courage to rob her. Indians are cowards, and cheap crooks- but you know, a pack of foxes can sometimes steal from a tiger.

看着一张白人脸, 这些漁民们一定会蜂拥而上向她要钱。当确定她是孤身一人后,他们会鼓起勇气去抢劫。印度人是儒夫,卑鄙的骗子--但你知道,一群狐狸有时也能从虎口偷食。

shekall2005 (Location) replies to KKM ABCD
Oh yeah whatever you do please dont propogate it on the open board. We all know that you do these things and for Gods sake tiger my foot, crazy white pigs do have hallucination.

噢,是吗, 不管你们做什么,请不要在光天化日之下散布流言。我们知道你们这么做…发疯的白猪真能幻想。

KKM ABCD replies to shekall2005
keep off, bloody charlie chapati


shekall2005 shekar replies to KKM ABCD
Ha Ha ha white bottom lickers get irritated when the truth comes, you saw the oath taking of your PM the whole world stopped for an Hour or so.


KKM ABCD replies to shekall2005 shekar
cork up you porki - Dont use abusive words about Indian PM


Malaikallan viveknanoo (Malappuram)
These fellows must be cannibals. Too shocked to see a white woman in a canoe compared to their semi naked status and primitive boats. Australia should take note of the Andhraites down under and advice them to educate their fellows back at home.

那些家伙一定是食人生番。看到独木舟中的白人妇女, 与自己半裸的身子和简陋的木船一比, 惊呆了。澳大利亚应该注意安德拉人,回去告诉他们的人民。

Malaikallan viveknanoo replies to shekall2005
The incident is the reflection of your people's culture and primitive outlook. Stripping a brave woman's outfit and humiliating her. One blotch spoiling the name of Indians . No hallucinations . That's Satyam shares. Aussie government is seriously concerned. Stay away from kids with your fascination for their bottoms. Malappuram children live in luxury and are taught civility.

这事件反映了你们人民的文化和原始的看法。扒掉一位勇敢女士的衣服, 对她进行侮辱。一个污点坏了整个印度人的名誉。不是幻想, 这是萨帝扬股票丑闻。澳洲政服对此严重关注。你们对孩子们的屁股着迷,离他们远点。马拉普兰的孩子们生活优裕, 受礼貌教育。

Kallol (Location) replies to Malaikallan viveknanoo
Aussie aborigines would have devoured u and the Yank Navy would have either shot you or put you in jail for tresspassing when u look Indian. There are several such incidents. But this incident might be a case of theft.

当印度模样的人闯入人家地盘时, 澳洲土著会吞掉你们,美国佬海军要不朝你开枪,要不就把你扔进牢房。有过几件类似事件。但这次可能是偷窃。

shekall2005 shekar (Bangalore, Karnataka) replies to Kallol
this incident was a case of mistaken identiy as simple as that and there are whole bunch of commenters eager to tarnish the Image of India.


bromat2011 (Location)
The Whole of India will be partially civillized only by the year 3000


shekall2005 (Location) replies to bromat2011
True, they were the most civilised before any one on this earth were but after the invasion by the muslims and the whites things went wrong and people slowly lost their culture. Very true your mom and dad did this to India and they left behind you to lick it clean.


Malaikallan viveknanoo (Malappuram) replies to bromat2011
This is confined to the Deccan coast. Same as Somalian coast.


Taurus (california) replies to Malaikallan viveknanoo
Can't tell the difference between the two. Both look alike !


tammurugan (Location) replies to bromat2011
Just wondering what would Australians, Englishmen or other European nations would have done, if an Indian have strayed in their waters ! You guys talk about civilization, whence you have killed more men than anyone in history ! You guys were barbarians when India was a great civilization, where arts, since and engineering were at culminating heights! Do some reading about India, before you comment like this.

只想知道,如果一个印度人迷失在他们的水域,澳洲人、英国人或欧洲人会干什么!你们这些家伙口称文明,历史上你们杀的人比谁都多!当印度已经是一个伟大文明, 艺术、科学和工程登峰造极时,你们还是野蛮人!说这些话之前,先读点有关印度的东西。

bs.pandian (Mars) replies to tammurugan
You rightly said " when India was . " you have acknowledged that it no longer .this is the greatness with Indians

“当印度…” ,你说得很对,因为你承认了印度再不会了。这一点印度人是伟大的。

Juergen Dittwald (Germany) replies to tammurugan
"You guys were barbarians when India was a great civilization"..well & you kindly read up about Greek and earlier civilisation in the mediterranean.I agree on barbaric atrocities of Western nations...mad conquests, but that doesn't give anyone the right to assume, that people in the West would attack the Kajak of an Indian in the West, unless being thugs, criminals

“ 当印度已经是个伟大文明…你们这些家伙还只是野蛮人”…嗯,烦请读一下希腊以及更早期地中海文明。西方国家野蛮残暴,疯狂征服,我同意这种说法,但这並没给谁权利去假设,在西方,西人会袭击独木舟上的印度人,除非是暴徒或犯罪分子

shekall2005 (Location) replies to Juergen Dittwald
thats the problem, b@stards who raped and forcibily converted and looted the whole country are talking about this.

这本身就是问题, 那些强奸这个国家、强行改变这国家的信仰、掠夺了这整个国家的混蛋们居然还说这些。

Juergen Dittwald replies to shekall2005
You have to resort to swearing in answering?Which forcible conversions and rapes connected with my name are you talking about?Be clear!


p abhyank (Unknown)
Incredible India! will turn into Incredulous India! It is really unfortunate in the land which believes in Atithi Devo Bhava.

不可思议的印度会变成不能信任的印度!对这片信奉梵语中“ 宾为上尊”的大地来说,真是不幸。

leatherface (Location) replies to p abhyan

Are you sure incurable India believes in Atithi Devo Bhava? Go tell the same to the foreigners who get robbed, molested and raped every year in India.

你真相信不可救药的印度人信奉“ 宾为上尊”?跟每年在印度被抢劫、被性骚扰以及被强奸的人说去吧。

shekall2005 (Location) replies to leatherface
I have been all over the world and some countries it was worst dont just blame Indian people alone. these characters are there everywhere. But then what the fisherman did was not much serious when the lady herself says that it was mistaken identiy, what all here on the board are talking. I gues some of them like talking about their mother being wh0re just for the same of fame.

我去过世界各地,许多国家差劲至极,别单单数落印度人。这种品行到处都是。而这些渔民所为並不十分恶劣,那位女士自已也说把她误当坏人, 可这里都是说些什么。我猜有些人喜欢把他们的母亲说成婊子,以博成名。

martinjoannes (delhi)
The word 'India' means land of savages.

印度二字 , 意为蛮荒之地。

shekall2005 (Location) replies to martinjoannes
yeah it is land of savages but unlike yours not the land of wh0res, like your mother, sister and all other womenfolk.


mp (Location)
We have heard of savages attacking explorers who set out to discover the world centuries ago !!

我们听说有探险家打算在几个世纪以前的世界探险, 但遭到了野人袭击!!

anonymous (India) replies to mp
Given that USA, Australia, NZ, South america have decimated the local population a.k.a savages. I wonder, who the savages are?

考虑到美国、澳洲、新西兰、南美洲曾大批毁杀当地人--也被称为野蛮人, 我想知道, 到底谁是野蛮人?

Rara (Greenway)
These fishermen are very aggressive people. I live close to them and they are notorious for drunken behavior, fighting with each other and others. They threaten people who live close to them and demand money for festivals etc. They will ask you for something and if you dont give they threaten you with violence and they are even known to kill people without any regret. They know the police will not be able to do much. I cannot but believe that they are aggressively crossing the international border and fishing in Sri Lankan waters thinking it is their right! As a vote bank, they are used to getting Indian politicians to help them out locally on the side of their unreasonable demands and against others. They occupy other people's land illegally knowing that the Govt will either regularize it or give them free land elsewhere. I have no sympathies for most of these fishermen.

那些渔民十分凶悍,我曾住在他们附近, 他们撒酒疯、相互打斗、与别人打架, 恶名远扬。他们威胁邻近居民,逢到节日强要钱财, 如此等等。他们索要财物, 如果不给就以暴力威胁, 以杀人不悔而闻名。他们知道警察也拿他们没有什么办法。我相信,他们挑衅性地越过国际边界到斯里兰卡水一域捕魚,认为这是他们的权利!作为票仓,他们已经习惯, 在对他人提出无理要求时, 政客会来帮他们。他们非法强占他人土地,知道政服会把它合法化或另外白给一块。我对他们大多数一点也不同情。

Gcool Anshyle (Location)
she is surrounded by crowds of people only because she is white and indian people believe touching a white person is lucky . i experienced the same when i visited Goa.


Taurus (california) replies to Gcool Anshyle
They thought the White Goddess had arrived by the sea for a change. In the olden times , the gods and goddesses used to descend from the sky !


kochu1 (tanzania) replies to Taurus
that's how Caucasians fooled South Americans. No The attack was on suspicion for being a spy.


Taurus replies to kochu1
You are way wrong. A lone Caucasian female, in a kayak offers them the easy opportunity to rob. These people are not like the Amazon Indians who had never seen a white person before. And the whites in those days did not arrive by kayaks. They arrived in ships and in great numbers to colonize. This is 21st century. These people were nothing but thieves. What would she be spying on in that part of the sea anyway ? There are no army or navy bases nearby or any sort of submarines activity. The spies also carry some special equipment to carry out spying and usually do take notes. There is no report of such search or finding of anything suspicious by the police . Your comments are utterly baseless.

你错大了。一个在独木舟中的单身白人女子, 给了他们一个行劫的好机会。这些人不象那些从来没见过白人的亚马逊印地安人。並且那时白人不是乘坐独木舟来的。他们大批乘船殖民而来。现在是21世纪。这些人整个就是盗贼。在那海上她到底有什么间谍可做?那里既没军队又没海军基地也没有类似潜艇的活动。间谍要带上专用设备做下记录。没有报道说到警方有这样的搜索或发现任何可疑之处。你的说法毫无根据。

kochu1 replies to Taurus
Happy to know s/o sitting in California knows where our bases are and what activities are going on. No equipment other than a simple camera might have been there. In my career I came across a female with US and Australian passports trying to befriend certain people. She got thrashed and if my information is right she has a permanent limp now. Your comments are based on usual american ignorance and eminently ignorable.

很高兴得知有人坐在加利福尼亚就了解我们的军事基地在哪里,哪些活动在进行。除了个简单的照象机什么设备也没有。在我的职业生涯遇到一位持有美国和澳洲护照的女人,要和某些人交朋友。如果我得到的消息正确, 她挨了揍並留下了永久残疾。你的说法依据是普通美国人的无知和特别不值一提的东西。

Taurus replies to kochu1
What pea brained individual like you don't understand is that America knows more about that area and so do many other nations. They don't need to deploy a kayaker to photograph the terrain. They have bigger and much more sophisticated cameras up in the sky, that can photograph anything beneath the surface of the oceans. Any idiot who claims to have come across a female with Australian and American passport needs to get his head examined. No country is ever going to send a lone female as a spy, with two passport. Anyone with two passports is a sure give away. Try making up some believable lies and sell them to someone gullible.

像你这样的小脑瓜所不能理解的是,美国和许多国家一样, 对那一地区很了解。他们不用派一只独木舟去拍地形。他们有更大更先进的照像机高高在天, 能照出任何海面下的东西。任何白痴说曾碰到过一个持有美国和澳洲护照的女人需要做大脑检查。哪个国家也从来不会派一个单身女人去做间谍, 还拿着两个护照。任何人拿两个护照就肯定泄露了。谎话要说得象一点,骗人要找好骗的。

kochu1 replies to Taurus
what a typical know all american who really knows nothing beyond his home town whobelieves America is the greatest. Please do tell me why Clinton had to hear about our nuclear test from CNN

一个典型的无所不知的美国人除了自己村里的事外其它一概不知, 只信美国最最伟大。请告诉我克林顿为什么要从CNN才知道我们的核试验。

Taurus replies to kochu1
The reason Clinton had to hear about your test from CNN was very simple. Your test had no significance for America. In America's scheme of things, India doesn't even raise an eye brow.

克林顿必须从CNN知道你们的核试验道理很简单。你们的试验对美国无足轻重。印度, 在美国谋划的事情中, 连眉毛也不值得抬一下。

kochu1 (tanzania) replies to Taurus
how sickeningly racist can you get. Shame on you. i think the Californians are pure barbarians


Taurus replies to kochu1
Nothing racist in that ! It is just describing your sick and demented truthfully ! And it just so happens that truth is always a very bitter pill to swallow ! Barbarians actually reside by the Southern coast of India, as proven by the actions of your fishermen !

这里一点种族主义成分也没有! 只是真实地描述了你的可恶和狂躁。就象真理总是一味苦口良药。野蛮人实际上就在印度南海岸,已经由你们的漁民行为证实!

kochu1 replies to Taurus
Better than the Caucasian barbarians of USA who hunted Native americans and committed genocide. We were living in Palaces thinking lofty thoughts while your ancestors were crossing with cro-magnons.

还比美国白种野人要好些,他们猎杀美洲原著民,犯下种族灭绝的罪行。我们曾生活在殿堂, 思想高尚, 当时你们的祖先还在和克鲁马农洞穴人杂交。

Juergen Dittwald (Germany) replies to kochu1
It always amuses me to hear/read, how the Indians had the greatest of all ancient civilisations...nice that you invented the zero, but may be it's also in your vein to keep bragging about your amazing past, you repeat it so often, that it becomes "normal" to you...endless cycle.

读到/听到印度人如何拥有最伟大的古老文明总能把我逗乐…好极了,你们发明了“零”,但你们无休止地吹嘘令人神往的过去可能也会劳而无功, 你一再重复, 成了家常便饭…无穷循环。

kochu1 replies to Juergen Dittwald
yeswe had an amazing past and would have had present too had not barbarian rapists and murderers came from the west and because of our civilisational trait trusted them and they destroyed us. Don't worry we are rising while the barbarians are going back to their lairs as barbarians. Only last week the President and secretary of state of USA was BEGGING our PM designate for a visit. The Oiropean barbarians surrendered 1 year before his election.

是的,我们有着令人神往的过去,並且,要不是我们的文明秉性让我们相信了从西方来的野蛮强奸杀人犯, 被他们毁了,我们的今天也会是令人神往的。别着急, 我们正在堀起,而野蛮人正退回他们的洞穴。仅在上周,美国总统和国务卿还在乞求我们的总理定下访问。那些欧洲野人早在选举前一年就投降了。

Taurus replies to kochu1
Your civilization contributed nothing that will have any significant impact on humanity. You guys can't even provide indoor plumbing for your people and here you are talking about your contributions. Idiots like you don't understand what diplomatic protocols are. When the PM of Pakistan comes to attend the inauguration, he will ask Modi to visit Pakistan. So will the dignitaries of other countries. Modi is not god's gift to humanity. Two bit politicians like him come and go, but the fundamentals of diplomatic norms and protocols stay the same. You know jackshitt when it comes to understanding diplomatic norms. Obama had his first official dinner in honor of MMS. So what does extending an invitation to Modi for a similar visit mean. It is just the norm and there is nothing new in that. If Indians had elected an asss to be their PM, by the rules of protocols, Washington had no choice but to extend an invitation. Of course, it would have presented some real problem for Washington. Having no fingers, the asss will have hard time holding a fork. Then again, what Washington didn't know was that Indians don't use knives and forks anyway. When they found that out, problem was solved to everyone's satisfaction.

你们的文明没有作出对人类具有重大影响的贡献。你这些家伙甚至无法给人民提供室内供水系统,还说什么你们的贡献。象你这样的白痴不懂外交礼节。当巴基斯坦总统前来参加就职典礼时, 他会邀请穆迪访问巴基斯坦。其它国家政要也会这样做。穆迪也不是上帝给人类的恩赐。象他这样…的政客是你方唱罢我登㘯,但基本外交常规和协议是不变的。当说到外交常规时, 你P也不懂了。奥巴马第一次国宴就是为欢迎辛格举办的。因此再给穆迪办一次类似的又能意味着什么呢。这就是常规礼节,并没什么新鲜花样。如果印度人选了个混D为总理, 根据协议规则,华盛顿也必须发出邀请。当然,这会给华盛顿带来一些真正的麻烦。没有手指,那个混D拿叉子会很费劲。再说一遍,不管怎样,以前是华盛顿不知道印度人不用刀叉。当他们弄清楚了,问题也就以大家都满意的方式解决了。

kochu1 replies to Taurus
Typical racist comment. Lets start with what our contribution to humanity is and what western contribution is. 1. What have we not contributed? The very fundamentals of mathematics come from india. 3000 years before Pythagoras we had expounded and proved it by Baudhayana’s sulbha sutras. Pythagoras just copies and the Caucasian barbarians called it Pythagoras theorem. 2. In 499 AD, Aryabhata gave a formal theory of eclipses based on the transit of Moon between Earth and Sun and in the shadow of the earth. It took a Johannes keplar (1571-1630) to translate Aryabhatta and claim it as his “discovery”. 3. The aryabhateeya gave the full basis and calculations for heliocentric theory and it tool more than 1200 years for Copernicus to see Aryabhateeya and translate it into Latin and he is credited with the “discovery” I just gave three examples. Upto 19th Century show me ONE ORIGINAL discovery of Caucasian Barbarians before you start crowing. Read “Crest of the peacock” by George Gheverghese Joseph if you have the intelligence to understand that all your famous “scientists” were just plagiarisers who translated Indian texts and claimed original research. Go chck out Mohanjodaro and Vijayanagar. We had plumbing and drainage when you barbarians were siting on top of trees covered with freshly killed bear skin for warms and fornicating with Cro-Magnons and Neanderthals…

典型的种族主义言论。让我们从我们对人类的贡献和西方对人类的贡献说起。1. 我们有什么没做贡献?最基本的数学原理来自印度。Baudhayana在sulbha sutras中就阐述並证明了,比毕达哥拉斯早了3000年。毕达哥拉斯只做了抄袭,而白种野人却把它叫做毕达哥拉斯定理。2. 公元499年,Aryabhata根据月亮在地球与太阳之间以及在地球阴影处的运动, 给出了月蚀、日蚀的正式理论。约翰.开普勒((1571-1630)把Aryabhata的做了翻译就宣佈为自己的“发现”。3. aryabhateeya给出了太阳中心学说全部基本概念和计算方法,过了1200多年哥白尼才看到並翻译成拉丁语, 就把“发现”据为己有。我只举上面3个例子。在你们乌鸦叫之前, 告诉我, 直到19世纪,有哪一件原创发现出自白种野人。如果你们有智力理解的话,读读乔治·约瑟夫写的“凤冠”一书,你们所有著名科学家都是剽窃者,他们翻译了印度原文然后宣称自己做了原创研究。去查查Mohanjodaro 和Vijayanagar,当我们使用供水设施和下水道时你们野人还坐在树上,披着刚刚剝下的熊皮取暖, 与直立猿人、尼安德塔洞穴人苟合…

kochu1 replies to Taurus
yes when there is no answer to delienated points you withdraw with omnibus statements. We cannot because the white barbarians looted us. We are on the way yet and by 2020 we would have overtaken US of A. Oh!! BTW without our inventions you would have remained the barbaric raping cro-magnon-homo erectus cross breeds.

是啊, 当无法回答就扯题了, 你撇开了大题。我们不能,因为野蛮白人掠夺了我们。我们还在追赶,到2020年我们会超过美国。啊!顺便说一下, 没有我们的发明,你可能还是个野蛮的、滥交的直立猿人杂种。

kochu1 (tanzania)
It looks so innocent but remember the western intelligence uses just such people for nefarious activities and Our submarine base is on the way


Taurus (california) replies to kochu1
They don't need the kayakers to do intelligence. They have satellites in the sky, that can do a better job than a mere kayaker !


kochu1 replies to Taurus
Ask CIA why they need human intelligence. they lacked it in 1998 and thats why the Clinton heard of our nuclear test from CNN

问问CIA他们为什么要人类情报。1998年他们没有这个, 这就是为什么克林顿从CNN得知我们的核试验。

Taurus replies to kochu1
Very simple answer! You having a bomb doesn't bother the U.S. It is akin to you being in an armed tank and your enemy shooting at you with a BB gun.

回答很简单!美国才不会理会你们那个炸弹。就象一个人坐在全副武装的坦克里, 敌人用汽枪朝你射击一样。

kochu1 replies to Taurus
shows what an idiot typical american you are. uneducated, ill informed and uncouth. we are so insignificant that when there was a change of government first your President sacked your ambassedor to india and when that brought no reaction Brack obama sent messages and and when there was no reaction his crony Kerry sent conciliatory mails and they will jump though any loop for a recognition that messages were set. Go read up news papers.

你露出了典型美国白癡的真面目。缺少教养、孤陋寡闻、满口粗话。我们是如此无关紧要,可当政服一換届, 你们的总统先是撤了驻印度大使,看看没有反应,巴拉克.奥巴马又传来讯息,还没反应,他的密友克里又发来和解信,他们跳过各个环节只想知道这些信息是否搞妥。去读点报纸吧。

Taurus replies to kochu1
Two bit pea brained Indians like you don't understand that it is India that needs the U.S and not the other way around. Ever since the British left, you all have been knocking at Washington's door, with your begging bowl in hand. There is nothing you have to offer. Ambassador was sacked because she was too close to the previous government. Idiots like you don't understand how diplomacy works. Even Modi will be replacing certain ambassadors when he takes over. All governments appoint ambassadors that are regional experts and comfortable with both governments. At the end of the day, it is still the U .S. that call's the shots. The reason is that you need America more than America needs you. With China emerging as a regional super power and friendly to Pakistan, it is your asss that is in a bind !


Taurus replies to kochu1
And WITH your inventions, you are still defecating out in the open. About 600 million of you to be precise. So in what ways has your inventions benefited you when you can't even provide basic necessities of life ? Past glory and inventions don't mean much when your present is so primitive !

靠着你们的发明,你们还在露天排便。准确地说你们中的6亿人。你们甚至还不能提供基本生活必需品,所以你们的发明给你们带来了什么好处?你们的现状如此原始, 以往的荣耀和发明不值多少钱。

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