三泰虎5月21日译文,据报道,中国政服表示将避免购买运行在WIN8系统上的电脑设备,微软推广WIN8操作系统的努力随之出现受挫。声明表示,政服采购的桌面电脑、笔记本和平板电脑必须使用不同的操作系统。这一简短声明并未给出解释。随着对Windows XP操作系统的支持于4月份终结,微软希望客户转移到WIN8系统。一些客户选择回避,理由是WIN8系统太贵且使用不便。

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外文标题:China bans Windows 8 on government computers


BEIJING: China's government says it will avoid buying computer equipment that runs on Windows 8 in a setback for Microsoft's efforts to promote the operating system.

The announcement said desktop, laptop and tablet personal computers bought for government use must use a different operating system. The brief statement gave no explanation.



Microsoft wants customers to switch to Windows 8 after support for its 13-year-old Windows XP operating system ended in April. Some customers have avoided that, citing expense and inconvenience.

The government is the biggest buyer of computer software in China, so its purchasing decisions can have a significant impact on sales.

随着对Windows XP操作系统的支持于4月份终结,微软希望客户转移到WIN8系统。一些客户选择回避,理由是WIN8系统太贵且使用不便。



Nikhil (Pune)
Tge worst part is that unless you are logged in to your outlook a/c you cant use win 8. Thats encroachment of privacy... The chinese are surely smarter than their dumber southern neighbours who get carried away by the looks, gloss and glamour of a big bang software...


Jag (India)
Chinese mobile gionee and many others have spyware which monitors and steals data....China is afraid of the same from USA



Tomsan Kattackal (Bangalore)
Windows 8 is not a stable OS. Chinese government does not ban the usage of Windows 7.0. The effect on the company may be NIL.
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Tomsan Kattackal (Bangalore)
One has to be a weirdo to expect Microsoft to support XP even now. There may be other weirdos who are still using 1980s model PC expecting the company to give support Ms DOS 1.0 and 2.0.
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Harshad ()
dis step should taken way sooner ....NSA and US are double standard" by blood dey snoop through thier populer international firms
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Overseasobserver ()
China is really taking things forward on everything as it is vary about NSA accessing everything. They ban Facebook and twitter there along with countless other western sites. Google has no say there, Baidu is the default search engine. Now even the operating system will be different. India can also do the same and start developing some national brands.
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Why so serious (New Delhi)
they might have a chinese os as well which also runs free of cost
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TKD ()
that's cuz they already copied and made their own version.
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Umesh B (Unknown)
I also have XP and MS action to discontinue update is severally affecting me. I fully support Chinese Govt view.


Dileep Warrier (Trivandrum, India)
No government anywhere should spend tax payers money when there is an alternative. Linux for India.


Satyemav (Vellore)
China switching to Linux officially because Apple is also a nuisance for them!


mpraomokkapati (mpraomokkapati)
Windows XP operating system which expired in April and switch to Windows 8 , is an expensive and inconvenience, even to Indian Banks. Bringing new systems is good , but at what cost to replace old system is also more important. All It companies should look in to this aspect.This will apply to other equipment manufacturers.


Raghu Rai (New Delhi)
This is called hegemony of Microsoft. It's coding may be exploited by the american Govt for covert ops. China is doing right thing... India should also wake up
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Shashikanth Balepura (Bangalore)
This means clearly windows 8 is not upto the mark as expected, lots needs to be done for it to become more stable. Now this effect will increase the price of windows 7 like crazy.



Indian (New Delhi)
good move. its time to move to open source operating systems for data crunching like BSD or Linux.
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arifullakhan ()
Knowing the reason for this would be interested


Prasanjit Maity (Mumbai)
microsoft should have been ready for that...knowing China it was about time..


SivaShankar Devarasetty (SRIKAKULAM)
it means they are trying to develop their own OS, they want to be less dependent on US to stay away from snooping


Pallavi BVs (Mumbai)
Doesnt bode well for Microsoft. If other governments follow suit then it will be a big dent for Microsoft
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