三泰虎5月20日译文,据报道,美国政服一位官员表示,美国准备就一起国际网络间谍案件,宣布首个针对中国军方人员的刑事指控。这位官员对美联社说,美国司法部长霍尔德(Eric Holder)和其他联邦执法官员预计周一晚些时候披露新的起诉。诉状将会指控代表外国政服从事网络间谍的个人。由于并未被授权在正式宣布之前公开讨论此案,这名官员不愿透露姓名。

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外文标题:US charges China's PLA officials in cyberspying case


WASHINGTON: The United States is preparing to announce first-of-its-kind criminal charges on Monday against Chinese military officials in an international cyberespionage case, a government official said.

Attorney general Eric Holder and other federal law enforcement officials were expected to reveal the new indictments later on Monday, the official told Associated Press.


这位官员对美联社说,美国司法部长霍尔德(Eric Holder)和其他联邦执法官员预计周一晚些时候披露新的起诉。

The indictments will accuse individuals of participating in cyberespionage on behalf of a foreign government, said the official, who revealed this information only on grounds of anonymity because this person wasn't authorized to publicly discuss the case in advance of the official announcement.

The official described the prosecution as unprecedented.

The official said Chinese government officials are being charged in the United States with hacking into private-sector companies to gain trade secrets, adding that Holder and other top-level law enforcement officials were poised to announce charges that include economic espionage and trade secret theft.





arafat_nazir (Location)
so where should the case be charged against the US for NSA spying??? Americans think that they can do anything they want....they should look on their own backyard before filing for such an absurd case...


anonymous (India)
When you guys know that computers vulnerable to cyber attack, how can you continue internet connection with sensitive computer network. Can you guys keep apart those computers from internet connectivity? Instead of maintaining utmost security you guys are blaming a foreign country, where you have no jurisdiction.
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seham renganathan (Location)
how about deeds performed by uncle sam
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Rk (Location) replies to seham renganathan
uncle sam did not steal trade or military secrets or technology from any country.. their data mining of phone records was to stop terrorist acts on our soil..!! u comparing apples to oranges...!!
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g_weis.1 (germany) replies to Rk
and we have no chance to bring NSA to court for spying out our chancellors Merkel and Schroeder. They never phoned about trade secrets and technology on phone ? Ask NSA please. Oh, RK it is funny, so Schroeder and Merkel were a safety risk for your country , they are terrorists and Brazilians PM Dilma Rouseff , too for .g ???
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R. Sid (NRI) replies to g_weis.1
Uncle Sam can do anything but forbid others to repeat. Or face sanction.
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popat (())
It leads nowhere as China will countersue US officials. " Muft main Khalli-Pilli Karne kaa nahi".


anonymous (India)
do as i say not as i do


Sand Piper (Unknown)
LOL. If they themselves do it, it is OK, but NOT if it is someone else does it. The US seems to think the world is naive. Height of arrogance personified.
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Rk (Location) replies to Sand Piper
.. NSA spying was for security reasons.. to keep the country safe... NSA did not snoop and steal trade and technology secrets..like the chinkies are doing....!! there is a difference...
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badegg (US)
After Snowden, US is still playing this accusation games? That can only be a laughing stock. It likes a rapist is accusing others: He touched me!
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Dhurandhar (Jamnagar)
USA also miss use Internet with the help of CIA. Snowden is not only one still there are so many Snowden appointed by USA to many countries.
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Rk (Location)
china steals everything... they even stole out hacking technology.. hahaahha
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Rk (Location)
... a big difference between spying and stealing.. chinese cannot innovate.. so they steal...they steal trade secrets from industries and steal all technology patents.... this cannot be compared to mining phone records to catch terrorists...!!
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yogenderkataria (Sweden)
China is monitoring all Indian companies and govt officials by planting chips in the PC and mobile phone..


ramesh kumar gopal (Unknown)
This is what the Chinese do best. They can only copy.


anonymous (India)
CISCO(an US company) blamed US govt and NSA of tampering with their shipments so that those can be spied.. and what a joke!! US, the biggest culprit of cyber-spying is blaming others.
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Sai ()
They spy on the entire world and then point fingers at the Chinese. Classic example of "pot calling kettle black" . Sure the Chinese are nearly as bad as the Americans, but the Americans have no right to complain!
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Indian Dan (Unknown)
Ha-ha-ha ! - Pot calling the kettle black ?! US has lost all moral grounds to make any complaint of this sort after NSA snooping.
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