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外文标题:Child pees in public, sparks online spat in China, Hong Kong

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BEIJING: A child of a Chinese tourist couple urinating at a busy street in Hong Kong has sparked off a major media spat among netizens in China and its autonomous territory.

Xinhua news agency said a video clip circulating on the internet showed several Hong Kongers trying to stop the mainland couple from leaving after they let their child urinate in public though the girl's mother had used a dipper. The clip showed a chaotic scene in which the toddler was crying while the mother tried to explain to the people saying that child had to urinate due to long lines at public toilets.

They were soon surrounded by others who took pictures of them and blocked their path. The passersby and the child's parents were taken back to police station. The father was released but the mother was arrested and then released on bail.





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Doujangul (New Delhi)
People should understand sometime in a better way.
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rott (aus)
When a Child needs to go, It sure needs to go. No two ways about it. A Child is not an adult who is capable of certain things.
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rags1974us (Location)
If my child needed to pee n there's no bathroom available ....what 's the answer. Shame on these people for making this a big issue.


Sudhir N K (Bharat) replies to rags1974us
then the same kid will grow up and pee in streets......please come to asia to witness the issues due to peeing in open......such rules will convey people about being more civilized....




HKWanda, Hong Kong, Hong Kong,

This is a matter of hygiene. To file a complain, you need evidence, yes, to film them.


DBinVA, Virginia, USA,

Taking pictures and blocking the mother were wrong, but so is letting your child pee in the street. If every parent did this, our streets would smell like a toilet. It's also a health hazard. Put a diaper on the child!


Cheryl, Maritimes, Canada,

I lived in South Korea for 4 years. This is common there. I also saw some adults doing it. I always thought it hilarious, bizarre, but hilarious. I only saw it once since I returned to Canada. A Chinese grandmother was squat peeing on a main street in a large metropolitan city. It didn't really faze me since I'd seen it in SK, but other Canadian passers-by were shocked and disgusted.



mertonlam, Kowloon, Hong Kong,

Yes, that's offensive. but the other view is Hongkongers are already enough with Chinese peeing in rubbish bins, platform gape in the tube and even on water drinking machine of Disneyland. You would understand how angry the Hkers was if you saw the headline of an international newspaper at the day of opening of the disneyland is about children peaing in water drinking machines.


Gary, Glasgow,

I'm old enough to remember when I lived in Hong Kong in the 1970s, it was not unusual for children to urinate in the street, often in drain channels along the sides of the roads. Spitting and littering were also common behaviour in Hong Kong in those days. Hong Kong is obviously a very developed, prosperous economy nowadays, and attitudes of acceptable social behaviour have changed in tandem - as the saying goes, the past is another country. I am surprised at the antipathy nowadays between 'Hong Kong people' and mainland arrivals - this wasn't the case back then. One ought to remember that the majority of Hong Kong Chinese are of mainland origin, from parents and grandparents who sought refuge in Hong Kong from the Chinese civil war of the 1930s and the subsequent Communist victory. Indeed, until the 1950s there was no border control between Hong Kong and the Chinese hinterland, and until 1980 any mainland Chinese who reached urban HK automatically had full legal resident status.





Luscia, Nigels Town, United Kingdom,

I find it more offensive that someone would film/take pictures of a young child relieving themselves and posting it online than one actually doing it in the street out of desperation. Di the parents consent to have this image of their child splashed across the web? the perpetrators should at least be fined.



Ciara, Dublin,

I'll give you a better one. My friend was in CHURCH recently and a mother in front of her pulled out a potty and let her toddler pee into it. Did not even bring her outside.


Katy303, Somewhere, United States,

Why didn't the mother put a fresh nappy on the child before they went out and made a short trip only?


londonmum, London uk,

It is quite commonplace in China for children to wear no nappies and urinate / poo in public. For this purpose they often wear trousers with slits at the back... A bit like hospital gowns. Not pleasant , not very westernised, but it's probably partly money and culture. It's completely inappropriate for someone to take a photo of a child in any circumstances without the permission of the parent. I spent 9 months travelling all over the world and would never take someone's picture without asking first.



Michael McBride, Stayton, United States,

If my kid was going pee outside and I saw someone taking pictures I'd attack them too.


Joseph Lau, Hong Kong, Hong Kong,

This is no isolated incident. Quite a lot of Mainland Chinese somehow find peeing and pooping in public acceptable. I have seen it a few times, and there have been lots of complaints on online forums here in Hong Kong.


Michele, St. Louis, Missouri, USA,

People should respect the culture of the country they are in. (Yes, as an American I recognize the irony of this statement.)


Sandy Brown, London,

Nothing surprises me about the Far East. I grew up there.


Rufus, London UK,

In China lots of children don't wear nappies and instead their clothes have an opening! Chinese think that it is acceptable for children to urinate where ever they feel the need to go!


Jay, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom,

I have a friend from Hong Kong who has also mentioned the fact that the Chinese come and urinate in the streets of Hong Kong and also eat bowls of noodles on the buses. It creates a cultural tension, which we in the West don't understand.


kfd83, northampton, United Kingdom,

i live in china and i see parents letting their kids pee inside shopping malls and supermarkets. sometimes they hold them up and let them spray into trash bins. outside i've seen worse. education is the problem in china. but it is slowly changing i think.



jnclasby, Ithaca N Y,

why wasn't she wearing the diaper? then it wouldn't be a problem!


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