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三泰虎4月18日译文,“笑佛”是在全世界 最受欢迎的幸运符,但围绕他的名字存在困惑。作为中国民间传说的神,他因快乐的表情而被称为布袋(Budai)。他经常以闲逛的欢乐和尚形象出现,挺着一 个隆起的大肚子,穿着长袍,背着一个布袋。有时候,他坐在童子拉着的马车上,拿着一把许愿扇。而在日本,他被称为Hotei,是七大幸运神之一,是贫苦儿 童的守护神。

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外文标题:Is Buddha lucky for your home?



He’s a lucky charm, but is he really the Buddha?

The ‘Laughing Buddha’ is the most popular luck charm being passed around the world. But there’s a confusion surrounding his name. A Chinese folklore deity, he is called the Budai for his jolly countenance. He’s often seen as a wandering, cheerful monk, with a large protruding stomach, wearing a robe, and carrying sackcloth. Sometimes he shown seated on a cart drawn by boys, or holding an oogi (a wish giving fan). While Japan refers to him as Hotei, one of the Seven Lucky Gods and the patron of poor children, some Buddhist traditions believe him to be Maitreya, the future Buddha. Messages of peace, generosity, wisdom and kindness are attributed to him. According to legend, if one rubs the Laughing Buddha’s great belly, it brings forth wealth, good luck, and prosperity.



Budai is often confused for the Buddha in West. But in reality, the Chinese name Budai has no connection with the Sanskrit word, Buddha.



The ‘Laughing Buddha’ as Hotei is also said to be the patron saint of restaurateurs and fortunetellers.


Charm quotient

The ‘Laughing Buddha’ is popular as a house-warming gift. It is best to be gifted one, than buying it, should be kept on an elevated surface facing the main door, and never on the floor. It should also not be kept in the bedroom or the dining room.



译文来源:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com/2014041801.html

eshu bansal (haryana)
isn`t it getting superstitious??lyk do not keep it on floor or in the dining room..! i think the reason it`s called laughing budha cz it makes us smile by its structure lyk its hanging robe or its paunch..reason for not keepng in dining rum iz wat i think is we cn have our food without any distrbnce ..


Redhu Raj (Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu)
I get afraid on seeing this doll.


Sanjay (Pune)
Such stuff mainly comes from China. This is their style of marketing products.


Jithin Chandran (bangalore)
In India its believed to as “Kubera” the lord of wealth. the legendary “pushpaka vimana” belongs to kubera.


Virendra Goswami (Unknown)
For health ,happiness and prosperity


pk ( kolkata)
Fun and happiness is good sign of health.Laughing Buddha depicts the same in fengshui. By keeping the same at the entrance it will bring positive energy in the house.
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Vivek Bobde (India)
just follow the path of budha …….
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qwerty (world)
lol, people and their superstitions! make me laugh


akshay (faridabad)
Can we purchase the laughing buddha or it should be given as a gift to us by others.


Debabrat Naik (Damanjodi, India)

its a fact that some people believe it is lucky as it increase there income by keeping in there homes/ shops.


Umesh Jois (Bangalore) replies to akshay
You can purchase one if you like it. Receiving it as a gift is also auspicious. Just ensure, the presence of laughing Buddha makes you happy.


krishnan sankaran (Chennai)
Whether it brings luck or not it is bringing money for those who are selling.


Padmakar (Mumbai)
It is like any other show piece in the house, it has nothing to do with bringing good luck or prosperity, no matter where you keep the piece. I like it just because it looks funny and fun is good for health.
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sahil (gurgaon)
symbol of peace and harmony…
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saranathan (Chennai)
It draws inspiration for people who are in sad mood
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