美国特勤局发言人称,周三,前国务卿希拉里克林顿在拉斯维加斯宾馆演讲时被一名女子扔鞋,但克林顿夫人躲避了一下并继续演讲。特勤局发言人 George Ogilvie表示这名抗议者不是持票入场的宾客,在事件发生前,特工和酒店保安就已经盯上她了。“当特工和保安接近这名女子时,她把鞋扔向克林顿夫人,而后马上被控制了”Ogilvie说。

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Hillary Clinton dodges shoe during Las Vegas speech


LAS VEGAS: A woman hurled a shoe at Hillary Clinton on Thursday as the former secretary of state was delivering a speech at a Las Vegas hotel, but Clinton dodged it and continued with her remarks, a US Secret Service spokesman said.


Secret Service spokesman George Ogilvie said the protester was not a ticketed guest for Clinton's speech at the Mandalay Bay hotel and had been spotted by Secret Service agents and hotel security guards before the incident.

特勤局发言人 George Ogilvie表示这名抗议者不是持票入场的宾客,在事件发生前,特工和酒店保安就已经盯上她了。

"As agents and hotel security approached her she threw a shoe and was immediately taken into custody by the Secret Service and hotel security," Ogilvie said.


Footage of the incident broadcast by KTNV-TV showed Clinton, 66, crouching to dodge an object as she stood on stage.


The Las Vegas Review-Journal newspaper reported that the former first lady joked about the incident as she continued her speech to some 1,000 people attending a metal recycling conference


"Is that somebody throwing something at me?" Clinton asked, according to the Review-Journal. "Is that part of Cirque du Soleil?"


The newspaper quoted Clinton as saying, "My goodness, I didn't know that solid waste management was so controversial."


Mark Carpenter, a spokesman for the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, which hosted the speech, said that the woman was not affiliated with the event.

活动举办方发言人Mark Carpenter表示这名女子与他们无关。

"Our staff denied her access before she later rushed past security. An ISRI staffer then stopped her as she approached the stage. She was then handed over to law enforcement," Carpenter said.


The throwing of shoes at political figures is a form of protest in many parts of the world. In 2008 a shoe was hurled at then-President George W Bush when he appeared at a Baghdad press conference with the Iraqi prime minister.


Clinton, who lost the Democratic presidential nomination to then-Senator Barack Obama, said at a marketing conference in San Francisco earlier this week that she was thinking about running for president again in 2016.


She has been giving speeches across the country since leaving the State Department last year.


A hotel spokeswoman told Reuters she had no information on the episode, and a spokesman for Clinton did not immediately reply to a request for comment.



Anand kumar (Unknown)

No cheppals or shoes should be allowed in meeting rooms


Harisarit ()
To no good taste such misbehavior against Hillary Clinton. Perhaps the shoe hurling lady does not knovv that Ms. Clinton is an asset for the vvorld and may become US Prez as she has experience to reach to the vvorld. VVe in India have been hurt by this incident. Normally these are the acts of only covvard people.


Rabin Chanda (Kolkata)
Las Vages witnessed the direct thriller while others will see on TV.Shoe throwing or Speech making.


Prasant (India)
Now shoe will be banned in the meetings and conferences


biplop (Delhi)
It is a world disease of anger for different reason.


Senior Citizen (Kochi)
Civilized people should not do such things. USA is a democratic Nation like India & people are free to express their protest in civilized ways. These type of people deserve severe punishment as this is a physical attack which can cause serious injuries to a person. Such action should be condemned by the public & media.


Brian (USA)
Headline is false. If you watch the video clip you'd find out that she did dodge the shoe. The one who threw it missed the target. This kind of protest is very cheap and probably done by nut heads who want some media attention. I hope the blonde gets a long sentence and her face or identity never appears on media. Else very soon; she'll be signing a milllion dollar interview with some stupid news channel and very soon she'll be writing a best seller. We shouldn't be encouraging such mentally unstable individuals.


bculas (Tiruchendur India)
Just goes to show she is in good health.


Hun Lo (Canada)
Shoe throwing is a political statement. Good going ........ soon attendees to attendance will be shoeless. US nation's many b1tches.


Taurus (california) replies to Hun Lo
Well, in the U.S. at least people are free to express their opinion, though throwing of shoes is not acceptable. Try doing that in China and you will be never heard off again. You will disappear from the face of the earth, within seconds.


Hun Lo replies to Taurus
United States of Ar$eholes is a police state.....Guantanamo Bay is the torture chamber. No difference both evil. However in China death is quick victory whereas in the US human torture prolongs.


We have seen it happen here too -We have graduated to garlanding a political leader before slapping --


venkataramanaiah ramu (bengaluru)
It is unfortunate that Mrs.Clinton has been targetted for no fault of hers. The Democratic Party of the U.S was not so keen on the war in Iraq and it was the Republican Govt that took decision to fight war on Iraq and and the guilty should be punished.


Taurus (california) replies to venkataramanaiah ramu
What makes you think this incidence was connected to the war in Iraq ?


Jonn (US) replies to venkataramanaiah ramu
The Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002 was passed by congress with Republicans voting 98% in favor in the Senate, and 97% in favor in the House. Democrats supported the joint resolution 58% and 39% in the Senate and House respectively. The resolution asserts the authorization by the Constitution of the United States and the Congress for the President to fight anti-United States terrorism. Citing the Iraq Liberation Act of 1998, the resolution reiterated that it should be the policy of the United States to remove the Saddam Hussein regime and promote a democratic replacement.


Justin Lake (Auckland) replies to venkataramanaiah ramu

Every protest is not about war. People have many other issues than war in the middle east. The Arabs have been killing each other even before the US came into existence, leave alone Bushes. Now grow up!


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